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Office of International Exchange & Cooperation
Add: 1 Nanhuan Road Jingzhou Hubei 434023 CHINA
Tel: 0086-716-8060236
Fax: 0086-716-8060514
Email: fao@yangtzeu.edu.cn
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International students who want to apply for long term or short term Chinese language training courses at Yangtze University must submit:
1. Yangtze University Application Form
2. School certificate/Official transcript
3. Photocopy of passport
4. Comprehensive insurance documentation
5. Physical Examination Record for Foreigners (for more than 6 months study)
Note: Item 4-5 can be allowed to make either in home country before departure or in China after arrival.
All required documents should be submitted to:
Office of International Exchange & Cooperation
Yangtze University
Add: 1 Nanhuan Road Jingzhou Hubei 434023
Tel: 0086-716-8060236
Fax: 0086-716-8060514
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