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The College of Agriculture,Yangtze University is in Jingzhou City.Jingzhou lies in the central and south of Hubei Province and it is located in the hinterland of Jianghan Plain. Jingzhou is to the west of Wuhan City known as “the thoroughfare leading to nine provinces”. To the west of it is the great project of Three Gorges. To the north is the sacred Taoist mountain of Wu-dang and to the south is the second largest lake of Dong-ting in Hunan Province. The urban zone of Jingzhou covers 58.3 square kilometers with a population of about 638 thousand. Jingzhou is a fair place which tends to produce outstanding people and is abundant of products. It has a long history and brilliant culture. From ancient times, Jingzhou has gained a good reputation as “a place of culture and a land flowing with milk and honey”.
Jingzhou is longitude 111°15’-114°05’ East and latitude 29°26’-31°37’ North. Its territory, like a zonary shape, spans about 274.8 kilometers from east to west and extends over 130.2 kilometers from north to south. 78.8% of its area is plain and the rest 21.2% is hilly and mountainous. Jingzhou has a subtropical monsoonal climate with enjoyable four distinct seasons. Annual rainfall averages 1100-1300 millimeters with average temperatures ranging from 16.2°C-16.6°C and 250-267 none-frost days.

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