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Zhao Mingmin
ZHAO MINGMIN,                                                      
Associate professor
Department of Plant Protection,
Tel :0086-716 -8066218
Dr. ZHAO was born in Iner Mongolia in China and earned her Bachelor and Master degree  in botany and plant horticulture from Inner Mongolia Agricultural University in 1998 and 2002. Ph.D degree was obtained in plant pathology from North West Science and Technology University of Agriculture and Forestry in 2005.  She was a lecturer in plant pathology at the Yangtze University from 2005 to 2006. She was named associate professor in 2006. As a Postdoctoral, she was working in Department of Plant Molecular Genetics, Centro Nacional de Biotecnologia(CSIC), spain  from 2008 to 2013.
Dr. ZHAO was awarded the First Prize of the innovative scholarship of plant pathology in North West Science and Technology University of Agriculture and Forestry in 2005. Dr. ZHAO is a member of of China Society of Plant Protection and member of Chinese Society for Plant Pathology.
Plant-virus interaction    
       Plant viruses must invade their hosts and depend on host factors to replicate in the cell and to propagate throughout the plant. During this process, viruses induce a variety of responses in host cells that are mediated by perturbation of different signaling pathways. The studies have identified those genes that have altered expression profiles in response to viruses. Using Arabidopsis as a model, Dr. ZHAO employs a combination of genetic, molecular and biochemical techniques to investigate possible plant factors required for Plum Pox Virus(PPV) infection at the molecular level.
      RNA silencing is a small RNA-mediated repression mechanism of gene regulation in eukaryotes that plays important roles in various biological processes, including the defense against virases. As an anti-viral stratege addaped by plants, how RNA silencing interfering on viruses  and how viruses avoid the interferente is the most interesting point to study. Dr. Zhao has engaged in interplay between PPV and RNA silencing. Most viruses encode RNA silencing suppressor proteins that suppress the RNA silencing response. Interestingly, these proteins not only suppress RNA silencing but also affect other related pathways, which may cause other developmental defects typically associated with virus infection.
Control strategies for plant viruses
     Plant virases are very easy to obtain mutation in order to infect and propagate in the new host. The different strategies were studied to control virases infection. Dr. ZHAO used RACE assays to screen the cleavage sites of RISC complex in viral RNA during nature infection. Several PPV-specific amiRNA constructs were designed to test the  antiviral activity. Some of the amiRNA showed high Cleavage activity on sensors and a high level of antiviral protection in agroinfiltration systems, which will be transferred to other PPV plant hosts and posible to other plant species. Other strategy based on RNA silencing is using artificial trans-acting (ta) siRNAs (atasiRNAs) to confer antiviral resistance. Engineered atasiRNAs have been used successfully for RNA silencing of endogenous genes in Arabidopsis.  Dr. ZHAO have developed several PPV-specific atasiRNAs and obtaiend high resistance in transcient assays, which are also promising to apply in other plant system.
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 Plant Protection Towards the 21st Century-Proceedings of the 15 th International Plant    
         Protection Congress. Beijing, China,
 Abstract: In vitro screening of resistant mutants of eggplant to Verticillium dahliae¨.
27 April 2009 – 29 April 2009
           Sharco (the Seventh Framework European Programme)3RD. meeting, Bari, Locorotondo, Italy.
 Presentation: ¨ Defining strategies to design virus resistance plants¨.
7 September 2009 – 10 September 2009
COAT FA0806 training school, ¨ Double-strand RNA production for plant biotechnology¨ Helsinki      University, Helsinki, Finland
11 September 2009 – 12 September 2009
Working Groups meeting of COST FA0806, ¨ Plant virus control employing RNA-based   
       vacines: a novel nontransgenic strategy¨, Helsinki, Finland
30 October 2009
 Virhost meeting, Centro Nacional de Biotecnologia, CSIC, Spain
         Presentation: ¨ artificial microRNAs as antiviral agents in plant biotechnology¨
8 March 2010 – 10 March 2010
 Reunión de la Red de Virología de Plantas 2010. Puerto de Santa María, Cádiz, Spain.
 Presentation: ¨ artificial microRNAs as antiviral agents in plant biotechnology¨
30 May 2010 - 4 June 2010
       ESF-EMBO Conference on Antiviral Applications of RNA Interference. Sant Feliu de Guixols, Spain.
         Poster: ¨ artificial microRNAs as antiviral agents in plant biotechnology¨
11 June 2012 – 15 June 2012
        ESF-EMBO Conference on 
Antiviral RNAi From Molecular Biology Towards Applications.  
Polonia Castle, Pultusk near Warsaw, PL, Poland.
Presentation: ¨ Small RNA production and antiviral activity of artificial miRNA structures¨
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