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Zhang Changqing
Changqing Zhang
Plant protection
Professional Title
Research Specialty and Interests
Foliar diseases of wheat and barley, especially Fusarium head blight and rust. Epidemiology and control of Fusarium head blight and rust, including cultural, chemical, and disease resistance. Development of models for predicting Fusarium head blight and rust epidemics. Races, population structures, genome and functional
Genetics of disease resistance. Molecular mapping and cloning genes for resistance to Fusarium head blight and rust. Determination of molecular mechanisms of plant-pathogen interactions. Improvement of rust resistance in wheat and barley using marker-assisted selection.
1997: The People’s Govermen of Qinghai Province Outstanding Performance Award, for the grain harvest.
2000: Qinghai Province Xiaodao Award.
2006: Yangtze University The Quality Of Teaching Excellence Award.
Funding for research
2009: 10,000¥. Hubei Ministry of Education.
2010: 100,000¥. Ministry of Agriculture.
2012: 520,000¥. Ministry of Agriculture.
Selected Publications (From 2010 to 2013)
1. ZHANG C. Q, SUN Z.X, ZHANG S. B. 2010. Analysis On Cultivation Patterns of
Dendropolyporus umbellatus. Modern Agricultural Science and Technology, 21:154-
2. ZHANG C. Q, LU H. X, SUN Z. X. ZHANG S. B, ZHOU Y, ZHAO M. M. 2012. Thee Application of PBL Method in Plant Pathology Teaching. Journal of Anhui. Sci, 40: 562-564
3. SUN Z. X, ZHOU Y, LU H. X, ZHANG S. B, ZHANG C. Q*. 2011. Research on the Teaching Reform of General Plant Pathology. Journal of Anhui. Sci, 39: 17093-
4. YANG G. F, ZHAI P. P, HONG S. L, ZHANG C. Q*. 2012. Toxicity Determination of Several Fungicides against Fusarium graminearum indoor. Journal of Agricultural Catastrophology, 2: 55-57
5. SUN Z. X, WANG F, MO C. Q, ZHANG C. Q. 2012. The Control Effect of Endophytic Bacteria JH-10 on Sclerotinia sclerotiorum. Acta Agriculturae Universitatis Jiangxiensis, 34: 1146-1151
6. ZHANG S. B, LI H, ZHANG Q. D, YANG J. J, ZHANG Z. M, ZHANG C. Q*, WU Z. J. 2013. Detection and Identification of Maize Rough Dwarf Disease in Hubei. Journal of Maize Sciences, 21: 136-139
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