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Lu Hongxue


Department of Plant Protection, Office   

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E-mail: hongxuelu@163.com




    Prof. LU was born in Iner Mongolia in China and earned her Bachelor degree in plant protection from Inner Mongolia Agricultural University in 1983. Master degree was obtained in Biomedical Engineering from Hua Zhong  University of Science and Technology in 1999.  She is a professor in plant pathology at the Yangtze University since 2011. Prof. LU is a member of Society for Plant Pathology in Hubei Province.From 2010 to 2011, as a visiting scholar, working for 1 year in the Faculty of Agriculture, National Ehime University, Japan.


   Her Research interesting is in Fungal diseases of plants and integrated control of plant diseases。Since 1983, has been engaged in plant pathology research and teaching aspects of biological control of plant diseases. Has successfully finished 4 projects funded by Chinese government, Hubei province and Yangtze university. Has been engaged in 9 projects collaborated with other collegues. Edited two monographs: "the development and application of microbial pesticides", " new technology of konjac resistant planting "; Has been engaged in 2 Textbook: "Plant Pathology", "biological control of plant diseases to learn";

     Prof. LU was awarded the fourth former Hubei Agricultural young teachers lecture competition prize, Yangtze University Teaching Quality Excellence Award and Has won two Hubei Province Science and Technology Progress Awards.

     She had nearly 30 published papers including her research and teaching works.

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