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Liu Zhangyong
Prof. Zhang-yong Liu
Jingzhou, Hubei
Mobile phone: 86-15927995582
1.     Personal Details
Date of Birth: June 1965
Place of Birth: Guangshui, Hubei, China
Nationality: People’s Republic of China
Languages: Chinese, English, Japanese
2.     Education
PhD in agronomy, 2004, China Agricultural University
BS in agronomy, 1985, Huazhong Agricultural University
3.     Accepts the training experience
1.     1998.02-1999.12,visiting Tsukuba JICA international center, Japan as Senior Visiting Scholar for studying the ecological assessment of paddy field ecosystem.
2.     2006.03-2007.04, visiting National Institute for Rural Engineering in Japan as Senior Visiting Scholar for the ecological service functions of agriculture ecosystem.
3.     2011.04-2011.05,visiting Ehime University in Japan for studying the control technologies of agricultural nonpoint source pollution.
4.     Visiting Finland, Cambodia and other countries on academic purpose in several times.
4.     Current Research Interests
Evaluation of agricultural ecological service, the control of agricultural nonpoint source pollution, the design of farming system and organic agriculture etc., .
5.     Main research programs
1)    Study of evalution of service value with Substitution Cost Method on paddy field ecosystem, founded by national nature scientific found committee, superintendent, start from 2013;
2)    The control experiment and demonstration for monitoring the non-point pollution source in lake region, Jianghan Plain, founded by China Ministry of Agriculture, superintendent, start from 2011;
3)    Monitoring study of nitrogen and phosphorus migration and the load characteristic of agricultural non-point pollution source in lake region, Jianghan Plain, founded by the key project of Hubei nature scientific found committee, superintendent, superintendent, start from 2011;
4)    Study of Multiple Functions with Substitution Cost Method on paddy field ecosystem in Jianghan Plain, founded by China Ministry of Education, superintendent, start from 2008;
5)    Experiment and demonstration of suburban wetland ecological environment restoration technology, founded by the cooperation project between China and Finland, superintendent, 2003-2006;
6)    Develop a comprehensive plan for using the waterlogged land in the Four Lake region, Hubei Province, China, founded by the cooperation project between China and Japan (JICA project), main partner 1997-2002;
6.     Selected publications
1)      Tian-cheng Ai, Zhang-Yong Liu, Chang-Ren Li, Pan Luo, Wen-Bing Jing, Qing-Nian Cai.Impact of fertilization on cotton aphid population in Bt-cotton production system. Ecological Co  omplexity.2011,1(8),9-14
2)      Zhang-Yong Liu, Gui-Lin Wang, Peng Cao, and Gui-Zhi Yao. Impact of Different Contour Hedgerows on Control of Nutrient, Soil and Water Loss on Slope Land in Danjingkou Reservoir Region. CDCIEM 2012,5,364-369
3)      Qing-hua Chen,Zhang-yong Liu* ,Bin Wang.Investigation on Hydrological function of paddy field in Four-lake Region.ISDEA 2013, 3, 905-909
4)      Xiao-yan Wang, Chun-bao Gao and Zhang-yong Liu.Effects of Postponing N Application on Wheat Grain Yield,Protein Quality and Fertilizer-N use Efficiency in Low-Yield in Jianghan Plain.Food Sciences Technology,2012, 4(6):357-361
5)      Qin-xue Xiong, Zhang-yong Liu, Gui-zhi Yao, Ben-zhou Li, Anti-erosion effect of hedgerows in hillside croplands of Danjiangkou based on the evaluation with water erosion prediction project (WEPP ) model, Ch inese Journa l of Applied Ecology, 2010, 21(9), 2383- 2388. in Chinese
56 papers in total.
7.     Awards and Honors:
Awarded the Second Prize of Technology Progress of the Government of Hubei Province, 2012
8.     Activities
1)    Executive vice-director of Engineering Research of Ecology and Agricultural Uses of Wetlands (China Ministry of Education), Yangtze University;
2)    Assistant dean of College of Agriculture, Yangtze University;
3)    Council Member of China farming system research association;
4)    Vice president of the Ecological Society of Hubei Province;
5)    Vice president of Hubei Institute of Agricultural Engineering.
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